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Its a ton!

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

No, Sachin’s still some time away from hitting his 47th ton. Well with a lot of cheap jokes about Sachin and his new Twitter account doing the rounds on the web, I thought I might just have a dig at him as well. ;-) Plus I got a great start to an even greater notification post. Now I would not want the readers of this blog who happen to be die hard Sachin fans to be offended with this useless dig. I want him to hit that 47th don just as badly as you. But its beyond the scope of discussion of this blog.

So Sachin’s not hit a ton so who did? We did! :-D Yes Yes Yes! We clocked our 100th user on the blog last sunday at 9:32 PM IST, barely 8 days after we flung open our doors to the world. Its quite an achievement I got to admit. Been a web administrator for a few years now but this is one of the highest registration rates I have seen till date. Thank you so much for supporting this blog in the way that you all have.

I know what you are thinking. ‘OMG this is news! What on earth took you 5 days to publish it to the blog?!‘ In my defense, I was busy with my side business a.k.a. academics. It might sound as an unnecessary explanation but I like to keep the slate as clean as possible. ;-)

Off I go now to crank up the community website. (Insider News: We are making some good progress on it). Have fun blogging or simply reading what others have written. I shall see you pretty soon!

Imran Ali

The Initiation and the Times to Come

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

Greetings Everyone

Perhaps, a quick introduction is in order at the outset.
My name is Kumar Pratyush, and I graduated from the Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi in 2008.

Subsequently I went on to complete PGDBM (Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management) from the Management Development Institute (MDI) in 2010. I shall now take up a position with Axis Bank in the Marketing function this June. I read, I write, I talk and I do a lot of them.

Moving on to greater purposes in life, this evening I was the audience to an impassioned plea by a fellow alumnus to contribute something to the FET blog. Therefore, essentially, I absolve myself from responsibility for all the randomness that follows! :)

Let me take this chance to extend my heartiest congratulations for the effort put in by the Web-site team. I am told that this is the fruition of an effort that’s been going on since the September of 2009. I am glad that young blood at Jamia has the purpose, resolve and resourcefulness to come up with something so creative and hopefully useful.

A word about the alumni and ‘home-coming’ now. Yes indeed, the alumni network is extremely important and should be a critical thrust area for any institute to thrive. However, I shall be honest here. I no longer feel the same level of connect that an alumnus should. Perhaps the lackadaisical ways of the administration takes some blame. Two years after graduating from the hallowed portals of the college, I haven’t received a single communication from the powers that be, except for the Convocation invitation! To put things into perspective, I’ll give an example of how things work in prestigious universities abroad. I recently returned from ESCP-Europe, Paris after spending a term there as an Exchange student from MDI. Now, I don’t even have a degree from the University, and yet I receive at least two emails updating me on all that’s been happening with the place, it’s alumni and it’s faculty. This ensures that ESCP occupies a top of the mind recall for me, and if the time so comes, I’ll have a bias for action towards the college!

On the other hand, slowly, but surely, Jamia is just being reduced to a bullet point on my CV! Now, given this state of affairs, I am convinced that this blog (and the upcoming stages 2 & 3) are just the right initiation, the proverbial shot in the arm needed to establish the connect.

I enlist some suggestions here, that in my humble opinion can bring greater glory to your efforts. :-

  1. Build up an extensive Alumni Database complete with the Alumni’s current positions, contact details etcetera. The FET is over 20 years old now. Several of it’s graduates would now occupy prominent places in industry and academia. Reach out!
  2. Send out regular (and that doesn’t mean once a year!) feelers and updates to the Database. This could be in the form of a short newsletter.
  3. Enlist the active support of Faculty and Administration. Some words from your favorite professor can work like magic to an alumnus’ ears! Make this official and make this big.
  4. Get more people on board. I can see that with the impending expansion of scale and scope, you’ll need more manpower. These people should ideally be enthusiastic young current students. People like Ankit, Shariq and Deep are likely to get busy with their careers sooner than later.
  5. Establish a clearer raison de etre. Ask yourself: Why do you exist? The current 5 point vision is ambitious, but it isn’t exactly concise and clear. One could use the famous Porter’s ’5 whys’ technique here. Go on asking a why for your purpose until you arrive at a distilled and precise purpose. Then begin work on it.

With the right attitude, and the right people, I am convinced that you can take this far, and ensure that FET’s brand is strengthened to the position that you want to see it at.

I guess I have written more than my fair share here now. So, I’ll sign out and wish you great luck for the times to come! May the force be with you!

Best of most things