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Its time for some numbers, BIG numbers!

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

Happened to receive the following article today from one of the JMI groups online so thought of sharing it with you all.

The Faculty of Engineering & Technology, Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI) has received an unprecedented number of Application Forms for admission to its B. Tech. course in Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Electronics & Communications and Computer Science streams for the academic session 2010-11. A total number of 29,289 Application Forms have been received against an intake of 350 seats which is a significant increase from 21,632 received last year. Part of the reason for this huge rush of applications is also the excellent placement  record of the Faculty as also a good number of students who have qualified the GATE examination.

The Entrance Test for B. Tech. is scheduled to be held on May 29, 2010 at 10.00 AM simultaneously at various centers located at Lucknow, Patna, Ranchi, Srinagar, Guwahati, Calicut including Delhi & NCR. This is the first time that the university is holding its entrance examination for these courses outside NCR.

Further details of the B.Tech. Entrance Test may be obtained from the University’s website.

WoW! That’s exactly what went in my head the moment I checked out the email containing it earlier this morning. These are simply mind boggling numbers. Numbers have always been my forte, mathematics has not. But a few basics of mathematics I picked up in my primary classes was enough to do some quick analysis of these numbers. The increase in the number of completed forms returned to the FET YoY is 35.39%!!

The admission ratio comes out to be around 1:83 if we consider that all applicants will be appearing for the entrance examination. Not practically possible but a good parameter nevertheless to define how tough it is to get into this college.

The above figure though is not completely correct. Here’s why. The distribution of applicants greatly varies among different sections of reserved categories i.e. Internals(JMI students), SC, ST, General etc. The general category certainly forms the main chunk of applications buts has just over 50% seats reserved for them. By my reckoning the ratio when it comes to this section of applicants i.e. General would be around 1:125(Personal opinion and not backed by any authentic source). That kind of competition I doubt exists anywhere in this country(Please correct me if I am wrong by posting a comment to this post)!

Now what has actually led to this exponential rise in just under a year? The quoted text seems to be the official release from the University and talks about the ‘amazing’ placements as one of the reason. Something which I totally disagree with personally. The kind of placements we get currently are in my opinion not up to the mark and in no way do justice to the kind of talent the FET possesses both in terms of students and faculty alike. Here’s what I think led to this sharp rise;

  1. The approval of the long pending decision of branching out to other cities for admission tests. For the first time ever JMI will be conducting its entrance tests for three courses i.e. B.Tech., B.Arch. and B.D.S across 7(including Delhi/NCR) different cities which have been mentioned in the above quoted text. This is not a completely new effort as pointed out by Waseem via his comment(Thanks mate!), but surely the number of cities has been increased this time around.
  2. Positive publicity across the NCR and nationally as well about the University has led to people realizing the opportunities the college possesses for them. Its a gradual process but is happening, slowly and steadily.

I am sure there are more reasons to it. Let me know what else you think could have contributed to all this by commenting to this post. Or if you can’t think of any, just let us know what you think about this amazing development in general. As always we love to hear back from you, our readers!

A very proud JMI student
Imran Ali