ooh nice! Can I blog too?

That’s the query we have been receiving from a lot of users since we launched a few days back. Its an easy process but needs a bit of looking around to learn and get used to. No worries though. I just pulled up a quick video tutorial to help you with that. :D Have a look at it below!

How to add your entry to the Blog? from Imran Ali on Vimeo.

Excuses for the weird hiccups that you might find in the video. In my defense I would say I was probably suffering from stage fright. :P

Thanks a lot for viewing the video. Hope it helps clear up doubts that you might have had regarding the entire idea of blogging. And an even bigger thanks for logging into this website and passing suggestions on our efforts. Really appreciated!

Imran Ali

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2 Responses to “ooh nice! Can I blog too?”

  1. Mehwish says:

    Thanks for the awesome tutorial! A really really handy one that has come to my rescue at the right moment! =D
    Well explained there and well understood here! ;)

  2. Waseem Ahmad says:

    Nice tutorial! Now lets see a flood of articles.

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