My first thoughts

No doubt its a great initiative and kudos to the team for actually going ahead and taking a step forward. A series of such steps and that may transform into a successful journey. I wish it does.

Only a couple of points from me:-

1. About Jamia being reduced to a CV point for alums – it does if you get better CV points and if CV points is what you are looking for (no doubt that’s what most MBA programs train for) but I have always believed its at least as much, if not more, about what you can offer to the institution then what you can get out of it.

Had written about it 4 years ago and my opinion has not changed since so just copying the link for those who are interested (sparing agony to those who aren’t). Read here.

2. Need for free thinking and appreciating conflict of opinion – I see that the posts in this blog are being moderated, they should be submitted for review first. I believe that in order for any community to come up & grow, a flow of free thought process, healthy arguments and discussions are essential.

Gaurav Narang

2 Responses to “My first thoughts”

  1. Sharique says:

    Hey Gaurav,

    It was great to hear from you. You are my alumnus from both the institutes Jamia Millia Islamia and IIM Calcutta.We truly appreciate your concerns regarding the free flow of information in a society. But as of now the blog is in very nascent stage and is like a new born child and learning its first baby steps. We hope that with time the child will start walking on its own. There are certain issues at the moment like people are posting 2-3 lines on the blog which should actually be posted as comments. Once the blog is truly up and running there will no moderation of the blog.

    Warm Regards,

    Sharique Chishti

  2. Imran Ali says:

    Hey Gaurav
    Thanks a lot for blogging! I read your linked article(awesome!) and it pretty much sums up what goes on in the heads of most of us. It to me is a vicious cycle that plays around us. This website is an attempt to break into that cycle and get rid of it once and for all. And we need everybody to contribute in that.

    As for moderation, you are right that it exists. But the intent is not to clip off any opinions whatsoever. We are as open to criticism and suggestions as we are to praises that we have been receiving. Its just that we realize how tough it was to get to this point and also realize how high the stakes are now that we are live. Any lopsidedness from our side can wreck the whole project(someone posting irrelevant and unnecessary stuff to the blog is what I mean here). I hope you get our point.


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