Coming soon: Knowledge Repository and Mentorship/Internship Program

And I have picked up the nag of lying all this while that I have been away from blogging on this blog. :P The ‘coming soon’ is more like just 4 days away from now! Without further adieu following are the details for the launch function.

Date: 29th November, 2010
Time: 1:00 PM
Venue: Faculty of Engineering and Technology Auditorium, Jamia Millia Islamia

The event is being organized by the University Training and Placement Office in collaboration with the JMI FET project.

The event will feature Mr. Rihan Khan Suri(University TPO), Ankit Talwar and myself as speakers. And I assure you all its not going to be one of those boring lectures that talks about how you can end up being successful 20 years down the line. We realize that in all the philosophical talk that is delivered by people who have achieved a lot in life(with due respect to them), the core topic of what you need to do make it into a good internship or a job has simply gone missing. Questions like ‘Why isn’t JMI progressing?’ or ‘Why does JMI lag in terms of ranking?’  are common and need to be addressed in a timely and orderly fashion.

And that is what we will be getting you come this Monday. That and much much more! The amalgamation of thoughts and tried and tested processes from the perspective of not just a student but also an alumni is up for grabs here. Add to it to the rich experience of our TPO and you have the right mix to make sure you get out of the seminar knowing how you need to approach your life at JMI FET thereby optimizing your output!

All student of B. Tech. are invited. The product and the associated talk is what will be benefit everybody present. I repeat, everybody! So be there! :D

Please join us in publicizing the event on the JMI FET Community website and FB. Spread the word!

(Seminar Notice signed by the University TPO. Our first so thought of uploading it here!)

See you all on Monday!

A very ecstatic
Imran Ali

6 Responses to “Coming soon: Knowledge Repository and Mentorship/Internship Program”

  1. jmi student says:

    the questions ‘Why isn’t JMI progressing?’ or ‘Why does JMI lag in terms of ranking?’ are not tough to answer. one look at the department office will show you the office incharge sitting with his feet on the desk smoking a bidi in a non-smoking central university campus. With almost no transparency when it comes to checking and marking of answer sheets, random marks distribution, a mockery of fairness and reward, pathetically moody teachers, almost zero working instruments in laboratories, its not difficult to see why JMI is not progressing.
    Though your aims and efforts are definitely worthy of appreciation, it is a dark situation in the corridors of the institution where the worth of a student is measure by how much ass licking he has done for a teacher than his mental capabilities. the place is full of hypocrisy and corruption. if any change has be brought in, correcting such teachers would be the place to start

  2. jmifet says:

    As much as I welcome your comments, I would like to ask you to look within first and establish what you as a student have done to help improve this Faculty. They say its a lot easier to point fingers at others which is exactly what you have done here as well. But when the situation is the same in most of the IITs as well, 'considered' to be the country's best, is the argument you are making a valid one? Give it a thought and let me know about all the things you have done for your college and we will take it up from there.


  3. jmi student says:

    Look within you say. I know you are actively involved in IEEE. I also know for a fact that over the past several years, IEEE volunteers have literally hidden themselves from the teachers. Can you tell me the reason students are so scared to tell teachers about their volunteering. The only reason is that teachers do not like it. This is just one example, there are numerous others.
    Talking about IITs…are you really aware of the situation in these institutions? Do you really have any credential when making such a claim. Let me take a case in point, last year for a paper of computer architecture, the students proposed a new way of submitting an assignment on the history of computers. Instead of every student simply copying down the same stuff and the teacher having to check the same answers redundantly, the students offered to make a kind of a wiki-like page on the history of computer. every student had to make a unique entry on the wiki page and the students were marked on the content and organization. the professor there were willing to accept such a new change. now tell me, can you even dream of such a thing happening with the inertia ridden faculty of jmi?

  4. jmi student says:

    it is funny how you would not even publish my answer. I guess the jamia opaqueness is all into you

    • jmifet says:

      Missed it because I forgot checking the comment approval list. Hope this act proves how transparent we are.

      The underlying point is stop cribbing and start acting. The sooner you realize this, the better your life will be. :) Good luck!

    • Ankit Talwar says:

      Dear JMI Student,

      We can seat and debate all day how Jamia needs to improve and how things to change. What I can assure is this is just a start and what we need to understand is that everybody is aware of the situation . The time is now to start acting. I also understand your reason of annomity. We can work togeother for the betterment of the insitution, when we only as students and alumni want to change things. I would like to personally talk. Here is my email id –, so that we can work togeother and in case you want to crib more about the situation and I think this is not the right platform. The team consits of people who are aware of the situation and making efforts to improve the situation. I hope I am able to put accross my point.

      Ankit Talwar
      Co – Founder and Project Coordinator – JMIFET

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