[30-08-2010]Possible upgrade window at 00:00 hours!

[Update]The upgrade is done! Please let us know in case you find any thing wrong on the Community site by replying to this blog entry.

Harmless post for most but I will try and keep you all updated. We will be attempting a software upgrade on our community website tomorrow to bring you a whole range of new features. As such we will be taking the website starting 00:00 hours tomorrow night for a maximum of one hour. Will update this post about the outcome of this upgrade.

Thanks for the patient read!

Imran Ali
The ‘in house geek’

2 Responses to “[30-08-2010]Possible upgrade window at 00:00 hours!”

  1. Biplob says:

    That’s really a great news.

    But i really wanted to know the basics of how u design the pages or introduce features or anything u do with the website… wen will i get to know tat?? :(

    • jmifet says:

      I will be teaching that and much much more pretty soon. A little bit of patience from your side is all I would request for atm. Trust me the fruit of this patience will be awesome! =D


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