Team Registrations are now officially open!

The JMI FET project has seen some amazing progress in the past month. We have successfully completed 63 days of being online as I write this email. The community site has been up for 43 days. And we have a mind whopping 233 members in such a short time! It surely is an amazing feat and all you deserve a loud round of applause for the efforts you have put into making this project a success.

But we do realize that we need to move on with Phase 3 of the project now which requires a lot of sincerity from all of you. At the same time we need to put in a couple of massive publicity drives to ensure that each and every student currently studying at FET is not just aware of this project but is also a part of it once college reopens after the summer break.

We revisited the initial team structure we came up with at the start of the project and have decided to extend it by categorizing the Champions into three sub categories based on their personal preferences. Each team will have a team lead who will act as your buddy as you try and work for the JMI FET project, thereby making a priceless contribution to your college!

Here are the various teams and their short descriptions as per the stuff provided by the team leads.

Technical Team
Team lead: Imran Ali

We are the creators! We create the stuff that the rest of the two teams publicize and market. The team is home not just to all those interested and involved with cutting edge web development but also interested in other fields such as content writing, photography among others.

After the amazing response received both on the Project Blog and the Community Website, we now plan to up our level and tackle what we see are the toughest two phases of the project. The Faculty’s first ever information website and the Jobs portal. Each come with its own set of difficulties and challenges considering both serve very different purposes! But just like the first two phases we have conquered, we are sure that we will soon have these two phases done as well, in style! Lets make the rest of the world realize the technical and artistic talents that the students of JMI FET possess!

Marketing Team
Team Lead: Ankit Talwar

To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.“  Anatole France

We are the believers who really want to do some real good to the institution. Our prime responsibility is to market JMIFET in the corporate world. We will be tackling the most challenging part of the initiative – reconnecting JMI Alumni. The team will comprise of JMI Alumni and current students, who will constantly brainstorm on new initiatives and out of the box strategies to ensure JMIFET Alumni feels at home. We will interact with renowned JMI Alumni currently successful in the industry in various domains and learn from their experiences. The team will also interact with Jamia Administration and ensure that initiatives are well accepted in college. The team will de facto be the image of JMIFET students in the industry.

Publicity Team
Team Lead: Sharique Chishti

You can make more friends in two months by becoming really interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you. Which is just another way of saying that the way to make a friend is to be one.” – Dale Carnegie

This team is basically looking for friends or rather buddies as they would be called.  The main purpose of the buddies would be to interact and initiate a healthy discussion on the project in the college. The more the people talk about the project the more successful it is going to be.

JMI-FET, the dream is for the students of JMI FET and its success depends on their participation in it. So in a way the success of the project depends on your shoulders.

The team will extensively network and interact with 1500 future engineers and will have the opportunity to learn various frameworks of marketing and publicity. The team will constantly brainstorm, innovate and design new strategies to make JMIFET a buzz word in college.

To know more about the team leads you can have a look at this page. And this page for the team registration information.

How do I Register?

Each team will have its separate agenda and action plan as set by the team lead. They will also have a dedicated board of their own on the upcoming JMI FET forums for the sole purpose of interacting and working with each other.

We want you to punch in your preferences on this online form we have created.

For any other queries you might have about this entire concept, please feel free to mail them to me or give me a call @ 9911785603!

Also please feel free to share this email with friends of yours who you think might be interested to work for the project. The more we get, the better we can achieve!

Good luck to all of you!

Imran Ali

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