How exactly are we different from others?

This blog has served as a platform for us to clarify a lot of the questions that do the rounds regarding this initiative. This post is just another one of those.

In the past few weeks a lot of questions have popped up in front of us, asking us why we are different from the other social networking sites that have come up related to JMI in recent times. I would not like to divulge any names but would like to put the comparison in the form of bullet points.

  1. We are no business!
    Yes this is no business. It never was, is and will never be one! Agreed we need money to power it all. Money to compensate for the thousands we have already shelled into this project and the thousands we will in the coming days and months. And we need a way to fund that. Having said that we aim at making no money out of this. It is all being done for the love of the institution. There are no vested interests. In case one of these days you realize that the information you provided to us has been wrongly used, I give you full authority to try me or any other member of the team for the same. Its not stupidity in my opinion but the confidence we have in our goodwill.
  2. We love JMI!
    A couple of sites and their strategy puts us into a fix. If you might have noticed, our branding is totally based on the JMI logo. A logo we love! Rest assured we have some of the best graphic designers out there to design a logo for us but the prospect of designing one never appealed to us. An alumni for us passed out of JMI and not from a random organization we build out of thin air. Hence its only obvious that we give him/her what he/she left behind. Makes more sense as we are no business.
  3. We are transparent!
    Everything that is on the site is in front of you. We do not harass you into signing up to be able to see what the site is made up of and what all it can provide. I for one am a staunch opposer of such cheap tactics and made sure we do not have a login and registration form welcoming users on the site. What we have is what you get.
  4. We have more for you, a LOT more!
    People thought the blog was good. Then off late they have been thinking that we probably maxed out with the Community site. But as they say the best is yet to come. And we are diligently working on the next big thing already while making sure the current components are advertised and marketed properly.
  5. We are purely FET!
    Our target audience is clear. FET it is! No plans of serving the entire university.

A couple more things that are in the works currently but discussing them here could probably jeopardize our prospects. Hence I would not discuss them just yet. One of these days if all goes well I will be the first one to blog about it.

It might sound like a useless post this to a few. But I have always believed in keeping my slate as clean as possible. :) This another one of those attempts. ;-)


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  1. Biplob says:

    Nice thing that u made all these things clear here.

    Good goin….naah gr8 goin!!! :)

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