Community Website: Its time to reconnect!

We finally managed to pull up a stunner of a release at 9:50 PM IST yesterday. A quick snap of us and the 50 odd students who showed up at room number 104 of B. R. Ambedkar boys hostel to support this initiative.

We are extremely happy with the support and appreciation we have received so far. It makes us realize the need for us to improve and do better in this effort. Thank you so much one and all.

A special mention here of Amit Xavier, founder of Glimpse Creatives, who supplied us with a beautiful JMI logo just in time for the release. It is worth mentioning that this is the first 3-D logo of JMI that we have on record. Amazing!

Registrations for the Community site are now open. Register right away and start networking with your batch mates. Its time for us to make the world realize what we are made up of. Long live Jamia Millia Islamia!

In case you want to read the official mail released to our mailing list, please visit this link. You can also subscribe to our mailing list for regular updates here.

Imran Ali

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  1. Meraj Siddiqui says:

    I am an E&C pass out (1998), historically from the first pure E&C batch. I appreciate the efforts of you guys and hope that you all continue with this initiative and we are very much around to help you younger guys.
    Though a lot of us, including myself are not in India physically but we would definitely do whatever we can.

    All the best and take good care.

    Meraj Siddiqui

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