The grand release plan!

Apparently I am told that readers of this blog have a problem with my cheeky posts. Ok maybe I went overboard with that one. Apologies! In reality its a nagging feeling I get every now and then(a.k.a. guilt conscious). :-P So I have promised myself that I shall keep this one really short and ultra sweet. And let our work do the talking due tomorrow. B-)

The site, yes yes the much talked about community one is due for release tomorrow night. Details below.

Venue: Kellat Hostel, JMI
Date: Saturday, 22nd May, 2010
Time: 8 PM IST

You can join the event @ Facebook here. I so wish we could do a livecast of the same for all the alumni members who cannot attend it. :( But so is life as I always say.

True to our Indian genes, we are running around like crazy retards in the background to make sure there are no leaks visible when we go live tomorrow. Seems pretty solid at the moment.

Hope to see you soon on the other side of the password protected directory. ;-) Wish us luck! :-)

A fingers crossed
Imran Ali

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  1. himanshu says:

    good luck bro……..JMIFET rocks…….

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