Dose of criticism

I have been a spectator here for quite some time but could not keep myself from “blogging”. Before I go on to being my critical self, allow me to appreciate the initiative taken, the pleasing-to-the-eye layout of the website and the rather impressive statistics of your growing viewership. What I would be suggesting in the rest of this write-up might not actually make for blogging content so please accept it as a suggestion only, I shall write something soon enough suitable for publishing :)

I think we could increasingly focus on making this an alumni database rather than a forum addressing issues and stating facts which although essential but need to be limited to the knowledge of the alumnus of the college only. If I understand the purpose right, then I think what we are focusing on is educating people (and maybe prospective students too) about what they ARE missing by not being a part of the institute when it comes to recruitment/admission and NOT what the institute is missing.

Having said that, in my honest opinion only, I feel that you should have partitioned spaces, one strictly for the members which would include only the alumni and the present students and they alone could have access to the blogs. For all and sundry, as your viewership increases, we would be more interested in facts. Facts about the college (not expressed in the form of a blog), about the societies, about the initiatives, about the companies visiting and most importantly about where it’s students are.

Much to my dismay, prior to and even now after registering for this site, I could not see any link which could lead me to the list of members who have already registered. While registering also, the form did not seem to have any details asking for the whereabouts of the person (which should have actually been your point of attention), considering that a good number of people have already registered. How are you benefiting if the alumni are not being made to share their details? Had I been a visitor or I show this to my friend, I would first ideally like to see who the people are who make this institute (and not the people of who make this blog; no offense intended), who were fortunate enough to have studied here and where they are now.

I understand that the site is still in its nascent stage and maybe each one of you is brimming with ideas. I’m sure that true to Deep’s status, JMI FET shall be the next big thing soon enough. Once again, congratulations on the initiative taken. I hope the team does achieve the purpose of fetching FET JMI, it’s much due credit and a place right under the sun.

As a last piece of suggestion, (I bet you hate me already), you could also contemplate creating communities on this site maybe with respect to departments or the batch year so that there is more active networking which is actually the need of the hour.

P.S. To repeat myself, take this as a suggestion only. I hope to write in something soon again, suitable for publishing :D

Best Regards

Editor’s note

Firstly thanks a lot for blogging. Its really appreciated. I really liked the fact that you took the initiative to blog and speak you heart out on this initiative of ours. Let me take the liberty on behalf of the entire team to try and answer the concerns you have put forward to the best of my abilities.

What really is the agenda of this blog? Frankly its still a bit hazy. See it this way. For years the JMI FET community has remained silent at large. I still don’t know of one public forum where we guys, both the current students and the alumni can get together and pour our heart out the way we have done here till date. Now that we found something we started punching in every thing that we had i.e. views and news all at once into one common platform. At the same time we want to make sure that the alumni feels a connect with the college by being updated how we are doing currently in terms of admissions etc. Rest assured over the next few weeks/months everything will be categorized very cleanly and we will leave this blog venting purposes only.

What’s with the registration debacle on this site? Well we know its simple. Intentional attempt of ours actually to make registration real straight forward for all in coming alumni members. The actual jewel in the crown i.e. the community site is under construction. Infact we are into heavy testing mode and we are hoping to release it soon, very soon. It will have everything that you talked of here. Infact as a token of thank you for the hard work you put into writing this blog I would like you to beta test the site with us. I have emailed you the details separately. :-)

Do we hate you?! No! In fact I personally love you for the blog you just wrote for us. Hope you understand the context in which the word ‘love’ he been used here. ;-) On the contrary I feel that I might have been added to your hit/hate list for having published this blog post despite your explicit statutory warnings of not to do so flashing all over the article. Genuinely sorry if I offended you in doing that but I so wanted the readers to see what you had written.

P.S: I have read you blog talking about the various minute details of the ECE Department. Been a big fan of it for some time now and made a lot of others read it as well. Lets take that up on a personal level though! :-)


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  1. Aeliya says:

    Honored to have been provided with an audience to view the "criticism" :D

    By the way, had the community website in the making been mentioned anywhere on this site or its glimpses attached, my entry above wouldn't have been necessary. It's indeed a jewel in the crown! I look forward to seeing it up and running.

    P.S. I had no idea that my blog still has visitors. And it's definitely overwhelming to know that the relevance of its contents is in place for the juniors too. :D

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