Its a ton!

No, Sachin’s still some time away from hitting his 47th ton. Well with a lot of cheap jokes about Sachin and his new Twitter account doing the rounds on the web, I thought I might just have a dig at him as well. ;-) Plus I got a great start to an even greater notification post. Now I would not want the readers of this blog who happen to be die hard Sachin fans to be offended with this useless dig. I want him to hit that 47th don just as badly as you. But its beyond the scope of discussion of this blog.

So Sachin’s not hit a ton so who did? We did! :-D Yes Yes Yes! We clocked our 100th user on the blog last sunday at 9:32 PM IST, barely 8 days after we flung open our doors to the world. Its quite an achievement I got to admit. Been a web administrator for a few years now but this is one of the highest registration rates I have seen till date. Thank you so much for supporting this blog in the way that you all have.

I know what you are thinking. ‘OMG this is news! What on earth took you 5 days to publish it to the blog?!‘ In my defense, I was busy with my side business a.k.a. academics. It might sound as an unnecessary explanation but I like to keep the slate as clean as possible. ;-)

Off I go now to crank up the community website. (Insider News: We are making some good progress on it). Have fun blogging or simply reading what others have written. I shall see you pretty soon!

Imran Ali

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