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Friday, September 9th, 2011

JMIFET-RNF Technologies Student Mentorship Initiative

JMIFET and RNF Technologies jointly held a mentorship session today in the Faculty of Engineering and Technology Auditorium. RNF Innovation Cell was formally started off by Mr. Faisal Abbas Abidi, director and co-founder RNF Technologies, and Prof Majid Jamil, Officiating Training and Placement Officer, JMI. It is a unique initiative by JMIFET and RNF Technologies which aims to guide students on becoming successful entrepreneurs and choosing the right direction for themselves in their respective careers.

Prof. Majid Jamil welcomes Mr. Faisal Abbas Abidi

Prof. Majid Jamil welcomed Mr. Abidi to the Faculty and congratulated him on setting up RNF successfully in such a short span of time. While pointing out that 95 per cent of the JMI graduates end up in the corporate world, he exhorted students to look think creatively and not follow the herd. He also emphasized the need to consider other avenues as career choices such as civil services (IAS) and engineering services (IES) so that JMI can have a fair representation in these elite institutions.

Mr. Faisal Abidi holds an interactive session for the students of the Faculty

Taking over the dais from Prof. Majid Jamil, Mr Faisal Abbas Abidi said that the current lot of engineering students has developed an aversion to creative thinking and innovation, focusing instead on mugging up things for scoring maximum on the exams. He asked students not to follow the herd and suggested that they try unconventional, uncharted paths, which are risky no doubt, but give much better returns. He also pointed out that going for MBA straight after graduating may not be such a great option. This was a jibe against the conventional wisdom that admission in IIM is equivalent to huge pay packet. Instead he said that most of the freshers in IIMs draw about 7-8 lakh per annum.

Students take advantage from the session

Speaking about his summer internship experience at Swinburne University, Australia while in college, he said that it is important to apply to as many institutes and universities as possible. He also asked students to work on technical papers for national and international conferences. He reiterated the need to show quality work to the prospective university or employer through achievements in public competitions. In this regard, he mentioned organisations like Topcoder and ACM which organize international online coding contests through which companies like Google, Facebook, AOL, etc. hire employees. Mr. Raghib Khan, director and co-founder of RNF, was recruited by AOL on Topcoder.

He took questions from students afterwards. One student asked how RNF came about. Another student asked about his experience in Google. He was also asked how he managed seed money for the company. He answered these and many more questions eloquently, and was treated to a jubilant ovation at the end of the session. Questions, however, did not end there; there was a long queue of students waiting to meet the man one on one. A number of students also came up with their projects which are currently under consideration for the mentorship programme by RnF Technologies.

About RNF Innovation Cell

Mr. Faisal Abbas said that only those projects will be considered for funding by RNF Innovation Cell which make business sense and are economically viable. He asked students to submit as much documentation as possible about the project along with a prototype, if there was one. Interested students can get in contact with RNF Technologies at: