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JMI FET Jobs and Internships Committee Briefing Session and launch of CP v2

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

Keeping in view the buzz that had been created about the Project JMIFET and the interest that people showed in volunteering for its various teams, a briefing session was organized of the Jobs and Internship Committee. The event saw an enthusiastic audience of over 300 students from the Faculty of Engineering and Technology and turned out to be yet another successful event to be organized by the Coordinators.

The Opening Slide for the Session

The Session started with the introduction by the Training and Placement Officer, Mr. Rihan Khan Suri who is also the Administrative Coordinator of Project JMIFET. He explained the vision of the project and told how this was an initiative by the students, for the students. He also asked the students to take it up actively and not to hesitate in enrolling themselves as everyone had the caliber to be part of one team or the other. He urged the students to be a part of the Dream project as this gave them a chance to pay back to the University for the 4 years they spent here. Also this was an amazing opportunity to improve the placement and internship scenario of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology.

Mr. Rihan Khan Suri(University TPO) explaining the vision of the project

After the Briefing Session, Imran Ali, ECE 4th year and one of the Project Coordinators of the project gave a presentation on the structure and organization of the Jobs and Internship Committee and how it was going to approach in the coming days. The Students were briefed about the formation of the two Committees viz. Jobs Team and Internship Team. Both the teams are to act independently on their specific plans of action catering to only their own roles. Two Placement Coordinators are to be selected from third year and are to be supported by two shadow placement coordinators from second year. This has been implemented keeping in mind the mayhem that is created with a large number of Placement Coordinators. Many ways for improving the Placement scenario were also discussed like making an AV with feedbacks from various Alumni, Revamp of the Placement Brochure by taking inputs from the corporate of Fortune 500 Companies and allocation of a dedicated workplace for the placement coordinators with the digitization of all the placement statistics. The Placement Team registrations are to take place online at which will be followed by a grilling interview session. Henceforth, only an elite league of placement coordinators will be selected.

The event also hosted the roll out of the revamped version of the community portal, JMIFET CPv2. The Community portal is an integral part for the student- student and student-alumni interaction and the humongous amount of traffic that it has seen in the recent days has led to the up gradation of the same. The best is yet to come with the launch of the Information Portal and the Jobs and Internship Portal. And with this, the Faculty of Engineering & Technology is ready to witness a revolution that will change its scenario forever! Get ready for the change, since it will encompass one and all!

If you have missed out on any action.Then, Here it is for you

Mehwish Khan
ECE 2013

Our first Anniversary!

Sunday, April 10th, 2011

“When you do nothing, you feel overwhelmed and powerless. But when you get involved, you feel the sense of hope and accomplishment that comes from knowing you are working to make things better.”
- Anonymous

The above words aptly sum up the spirit with which JMIFET was conceptualized and brought about a year ago by its founding members. Today, a year later, it is gratifying to say that the journey has had been more of a celebration than a tedious task and more about dedication for the cause and vision which we had set out to seek. Much has been accomplished and much more needs to be done, and between these crossroads, in a bewildering rush of transformation, the JMIFET Project celebrated its 1st year of existence on 9th April, 2011.

It was attended by those inducted in the Project and its Co-ordinators in the FastTrax restaurant, Community Center situated in the New Friends Colony. The attendees were Ankit Talwar, Wasiq Zia, Imran Ali, Faiz Shamsul Haque, Chitra Belwal, Biplob Biswas, Mehwish Khan, Mohd. Aarif Khan and Pankaj Sharma. The ‘official’ cake-cutting ceremony was proceeded by a lunch, amid reminiscence of their times of fun and enjoyment by Ankit Talwar and Wasiq Zia, of the batches of 2008 and 2007 respectively.

In all, the moments that would truly define the spirit of the celebration were not only that the cake was shared with the underprivileged children, or when the whole team met and socialized for the first time, but also the feelings of contentment and pride in being members of a team, who came together to work for FET and its righteous due. And under the April Sun, in mirth and snatches of un-contained laughter, these are the moments of solace that render the journey truly worth the effort.

Long Live JMI FET!

Muhammad Aarif Khan
ECE 2013