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JMIFET Orientation Session 2011 and Launch of RnF IT Innovation Cell

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

The members of Project JMIFET organised their first ever orientation session for the fresher students on 9thAugust, 2011. It was held in the auditorium of the F/O Engineering & Technology from 12:30 pm to 1:00 pm, and was attended by the first year students of all the branches. The purpose of the session was to introduce the concept of the initiative to the new entrants and explain the vision behind its setup.

Prof. Majid Jamil addressing the gathering


The session was started off with an introduction by Dr. Majid Jamil, Training & Placement Officer, who briefed the attendees on the initiative, stressing on the opportunities it offers and urging them to avail the benefits being offered. He also shared placement statistics for the last year and also shared his enthusiasm about reaching out to more corporates and PSEs this year, such as Indian Navy and Maruti.


Ritika Subhash and Samir Sharma address the issues of the students

It was followed by the Mentorship Project, witnessing a talk by two alumni of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology. Ritika Subhash, batch of 2007, working with Hay Group, and Samir Sharma, batch of 2010, working with BHEL. The aim of the Mentorship Project is to unlock the power of the alumni network for the benefit of the present students. They explained the Project to the students with the aid of a presentation, showcasing the progress made in the Community portal, Knowledge repository and the outlay of the various committees. Encouraging the students to participate and involve themselves, they finally unveiled the RnF IT Innovation Cell, a subsidiary of the Bangalore based startup by Raghib Khan and Faisal Abbas, alumni of the 2007 batch. It shall aim to provide funding and guidance to the entrepreneurial ventures of the students of the faculty.

Students get their doubts cleared

Also, as a part of the Mentorship Project, ex-students Saleem Ansari and Mohd. Asif, have taken up the initiative, ‘Code to Learn’, to mentor current students of the Faculty with their final year technical projects.

At the conclusion, an interactive round was held, where the students asked questions relating to career issues. The alumni advised them accordingly, based on their first-hand experience they had gained during their years at the faculty.


For more information on Project JMIFET, log onto:


JMI FET Jobs and Internships Committee Briefing Session and launch of CP v2

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

Keeping in view the buzz that had been created about the Project JMIFET and the interest that people showed in volunteering for its various teams, a briefing session was organized of the Jobs and Internship Committee. The event saw an enthusiastic audience of over 300 students from the Faculty of Engineering and Technology and turned out to be yet another successful event to be organized by the Coordinators.

The Opening Slide for the Session

The Session started with the introduction by the Training and Placement Officer, Mr. Rihan Khan Suri who is also the Administrative Coordinator of Project JMIFET. He explained the vision of the project and told how this was an initiative by the students, for the students. He also asked the students to take it up actively and not to hesitate in enrolling themselves as everyone had the caliber to be part of one team or the other. He urged the students to be a part of the Dream project as this gave them a chance to pay back to the University for the 4 years they spent here. Also this was an amazing opportunity to improve the placement and internship scenario of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology.

Mr. Rihan Khan Suri(University TPO) explaining the vision of the project

After the Briefing Session, Imran Ali, ECE 4th year and one of the Project Coordinators of the project gave a presentation on the structure and organization of the Jobs and Internship Committee and how it was going to approach in the coming days. The Students were briefed about the formation of the two Committees viz. Jobs Team and Internship Team. Both the teams are to act independently on their specific plans of action catering to only their own roles. Two Placement Coordinators are to be selected from third year and are to be supported by two shadow placement coordinators from second year. This has been implemented keeping in mind the mayhem that is created with a large number of Placement Coordinators. Many ways for improving the Placement scenario were also discussed like making an AV with feedbacks from various Alumni, Revamp of the Placement Brochure by taking inputs from the corporate of Fortune 500 Companies and allocation of a dedicated workplace for the placement coordinators with the digitization of all the placement statistics. The Placement Team registrations are to take place online at which will be followed by a grilling interview session. Henceforth, only an elite league of placement coordinators will be selected.

The event also hosted the roll out of the revamped version of the community portal, JMIFET CPv2. The Community portal is an integral part for the student- student and student-alumni interaction and the humongous amount of traffic that it has seen in the recent days has led to the up gradation of the same. The best is yet to come with the launch of the Information Portal and the Jobs and Internship Portal. And with this, the Faculty of Engineering & Technology is ready to witness a revolution that will change its scenario forever! Get ready for the change, since it will encompass one and all!

If you have missed out on any action.Then, Here it is for you

Mehwish Khan
ECE 2013

We are ‘officially’ on!

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

The toughest decision we have taken to date on this project. Deciding the topic for this blog entry. :-P We actually spent half an hour last evening trying to figure out an apt topic!

Jokes apart, there is a fairly serious reason why we faced such an awkward problem. It is difficult to put in words what we went through yesterday afternoon. We were simply numb after we managed to get out of the Mir Ashraf conference hall after presenting our idea to the VC. Both me and Ankit. To every single one of our proposal and suggestion there seemed to be one reply from the Vice Chancellor, ‘Yes! Consider it done!’.

Me and Ankit after the meeting. Excuse the freaky me peeping into the picture. And I wish Sharique was in it too!

As I write this blog entry I am reminded of last September. It was on one of the sleepless nights of the month of Ramadhan that I and Sharique sat through the entire night figuring out what we wanted to do for JMI and how we seemed to have failed in giving back something to this great organization which has given us so much. There was a lot that could be done but we just weren’t sure where to start. Around the same time Ankit was envisioning a similar project! The day we met and the way things progressed from there is nothing short of a miracle. God surely was certainly with us as he seemed to be yesterday as well.

We went in yesterday with a fairly well laid down plan. We had been working on it ever since I met the VC on the 19th of August. 28 slides is what we had after days of hard work! The plan to reform this college inside out and get its righteous due in the world!

The meeting was attended by the following personnel(sadly we forgot to click a picture!).

  • Mr. Najeeb Jung (Vice – Chancellor)
  • Prof. S. M. Sajid (Registrar)
  • Prof. Zahid Hussain Khan (CIT Director)
  • Prof. Khalid Moin (Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Technology)
  • Prof Mini S Thomas
  • Ankit Talwar
  • Imran Ali

You all would be happy to know that Professor Khalid Moin, Dean, JMI FET has graciously accepted the task of heading this project from the administration side. This being another one of our wishes which came true yesterday! Right from the start we wished for a dynamic leader to lead us into what we see as a new era for JMI FET. And with Professor Moin at the helm of proceedings I am sure we will be able to do it all!

We will now be moving into top gear with regards to developments on this project. Work will progress on 2-3 fronts from now on and we are in the process of pulling up an extensive roadmap with set deadlines that we will be sticking too. We hope to publish our immediate roadmap within this week. Would appreciate comments and suggestions on the same.

My sincere thanks to all those students, alumni and faculty members who made this project what it is today. It was an exceptionally beautiful feeling to be able to present the 32 names of students and alumni in front of the VC(check presentation embedded above for more) who are working for this project! And the VC complemented your efforts. Good job! And yeah he has even agreed to our clause of recognition certificates for project members signed personally by both the Dean and himself! :-)

We are now inviting more people to join the team with the promise of official recognition from the Jamia Millia Islamia administration. The mails to the individual teams with their respective agendas will be sent out very soon. Check out this page on how to register with the project!

Here’s hoping for your continued support for the project. Together I am sure we will be able to accomplish this collective dream of ours!

And before I wrap up let me quote another significant reason why I think this project is bound to succeed. Yesterday, that is the day when we finally integrated ourselves with the JMI administration happened to be the 27th night of Ramadhan. For all those who are unaware of its significance, the day is considered to be the most auspicious day in the Islamic Calendar. Better than a thousand months put together as written in the Holy Quran. Would like to close this post with this small thought! :-)

Long live Jamia Millia Islamia.

Imran Ali

“We will get you that portal!”

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

Najeeb Jung’s appointment as Vice Chancellor of Jamia Millia Islamia is arguably the best thing that has happened to this University in a number of years. I have always maintained this and preached it among people who are kind enough to listen and appreciate my opinion. Last Thursday this opinion of mine got a huge boost!

After a lot of running around and unfortunately canceled appointment, I finally managed to meet Najeeb Jung, the VC of Jamia Millia Islamia. Now the first thing that strikes you when you meet him is how humble and straight forward he is. He heard our part of the story very patiently as I listed out our plan, one phase at a time. Even explained our motivation behind the project.

After a number of what I saw as very affirming nods, he put his question forward, “What help do you need from us?”. Not that I was not expecting the question but its timing certainly startled me! It came barely minutes into the meeting and I had a long rant prepared to present before him. But then I guess its something that comes all by itself if you can speak about something straight from your heart. I was reduced to a mere instrument while as the passion for JMI in me spoke. And spoke well at that! It did what it was expected to. Convinced the VC!

However, the best part of the meeting was still to come. Before I got up to leave he said, “Let me get you something before you leave.” I was certainly confused about what could he possibly have to offer to me after this amazing interaction with him that he had gifted me. 2 minutes later we had a third person in the room who happened to be his secretary. The task allotted to him was to schedule the next meeting in which I would present the project updates and our plan on how to go about achieving this gigantic goal. The attendees list consists of the most high profile individuals that exist between the faculty administration and the university administration. The meeting will be attended by the VC, Registrar, CIT Director and the Dean of Faculty of Engineering and Technology. And of course me.

I know its been a long time since any one of us has blogged about JMI FET. The fact is we have been working behind the scenes on updates such as these. We are approaching our biggest milestone till date where the FET administration is collaborating with a body backed by students and alumni. And we soon to merge them together soon. Thank you all for the support you have shown towards us. An even bigger thanks to all those volunteers who have worked selflessly till date for this project. I promise you all that your efforts will be honored officially when the time comes. And lastly my sincere thanks to Ankit and Shariq who have acted as firm pillars for this project!

Oh and let me finish off this blog entry with the way the VC ended our meeting. Arguably the most powerful one liner ever as far as I am concerned and something that made me loose my sleep that night. “We will get you that portal!”

Long live Jamia Millia Islamia.

Imran Ali

Team Registrations are now officially open!

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

The JMI FET project has seen some amazing progress in the past month. We have successfully completed 63 days of being online as I write this email. The community site has been up for 43 days. And we have a mind whopping 233 members in such a short time! It surely is an amazing feat and all you deserve a loud round of applause for the efforts you have put into making this project a success.

But we do realize that we need to move on with Phase 3 of the project now which requires a lot of sincerity from all of you. At the same time we need to put in a couple of massive publicity drives to ensure that each and every student currently studying at FET is not just aware of this project but is also a part of it once college reopens after the summer break.

We revisited the initial team structure we came up with at the start of the project and have decided to extend it by categorizing the Champions into three sub categories based on their personal preferences. Each team will have a team lead who will act as your buddy as you try and work for the JMI FET project, thereby making a priceless contribution to your college!

Here are the various teams and their short descriptions as per the stuff provided by the team leads.

Technical Team
Team lead: Imran Ali

We are the creators! We create the stuff that the rest of the two teams publicize and market. The team is home not just to all those interested and involved with cutting edge web development but also interested in other fields such as content writing, photography among others.

After the amazing response received both on the Project Blog and the Community Website, we now plan to up our level and tackle what we see are the toughest two phases of the project. The Faculty’s first ever information website and the Jobs portal. Each come with its own set of difficulties and challenges considering both serve very different purposes! But just like the first two phases we have conquered, we are sure that we will soon have these two phases done as well, in style! Lets make the rest of the world realize the technical and artistic talents that the students of JMI FET possess!

Marketing Team
Team Lead: Ankit Talwar

To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.“  Anatole France

We are the believers who really want to do some real good to the institution. Our prime responsibility is to market JMIFET in the corporate world. We will be tackling the most challenging part of the initiative – reconnecting JMI Alumni. The team will comprise of JMI Alumni and current students, who will constantly brainstorm on new initiatives and out of the box strategies to ensure JMIFET Alumni feels at home. We will interact with renowned JMI Alumni currently successful in the industry in various domains and learn from their experiences. The team will also interact with Jamia Administration and ensure that initiatives are well accepted in college. The team will de facto be the image of JMIFET students in the industry.

Publicity Team
Team Lead: Sharique Chishti

You can make more friends in two months by becoming really interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you. Which is just another way of saying that the way to make a friend is to be one.” – Dale Carnegie

This team is basically looking for friends or rather buddies as they would be called.  The main purpose of the buddies would be to interact and initiate a healthy discussion on the project in the college. The more the people talk about the project the more successful it is going to be.

JMI-FET, the dream is for the students of JMI FET and its success depends on their participation in it. So in a way the success of the project depends on your shoulders.

The team will extensively network and interact with 1500 future engineers and will have the opportunity to learn various frameworks of marketing and publicity. The team will constantly brainstorm, innovate and design new strategies to make JMIFET a buzz word in college.

To know more about the team leads you can have a look at this page. And this page for the team registration information.

How do I Register?

Each team will have its separate agenda and action plan as set by the team lead. They will also have a dedicated board of their own on the upcoming JMI FET forums for the sole purpose of interacting and working with each other.

We want you to punch in your preferences on this online form we have created.

For any other queries you might have about this entire concept, please feel free to mail them to me or give me a call @ 9911785603!

Also please feel free to share this email with friends of yours who you think might be interested to work for the project. The more we get, the better we can achieve!

Good luck to all of you!

Imran Ali

Its a ton!

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

No, Sachin’s still some time away from hitting his 47th ton. Well with a lot of cheap jokes about Sachin and his new Twitter account doing the rounds on the web, I thought I might just have a dig at him as well. ;-) Plus I got a great start to an even greater notification post. Now I would not want the readers of this blog who happen to be die hard Sachin fans to be offended with this useless dig. I want him to hit that 47th don just as badly as you. But its beyond the scope of discussion of this blog.

So Sachin’s not hit a ton so who did? We did! :-D Yes Yes Yes! We clocked our 100th user on the blog last sunday at 9:32 PM IST, barely 8 days after we flung open our doors to the world. Its quite an achievement I got to admit. Been a web administrator for a few years now but this is one of the highest registration rates I have seen till date. Thank you so much for supporting this blog in the way that you all have.

I know what you are thinking. ‘OMG this is news! What on earth took you 5 days to publish it to the blog?!‘ In my defense, I was busy with my side business a.k.a. academics. It might sound as an unnecessary explanation but I like to keep the slate as clean as possible. ;-)

Off I go now to crank up the community website. (Insider News: We are making some good progress on it). Have fun blogging or simply reading what others have written. I shall see you pretty soon!

Imran Ali