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One week on: How we doing?

Friday, May 7th, 2010

The famous lines by Joey Tribbiani sound so apt for this post. Been a week since we launched this Blog and its time for the analytics stats I promised.

(Click image for full sized view)

The first in line is the visits graph. Not very ideal. But then so is life. Huge start and a slight slump post that. The big positive here is that the opening day visits were 178(Applause!) which talks volumes about our marketing abilities. A big thank you to our alumni who forwarded our initial publicity mail to their contacts(Saleem Ansari, Samar Akhter and YKS are names that come to my mind right away. Thank you so much guys. And others too).

(Click image for full sized view)

Next in line site usage stats. Although the image says it all, listing it out here again for your convenience. My comments are attached to it as well based on my past experiences with site building and handling.

Visits – 556
Pageviews – 1424(Impressive indeed!)
Pages/Visit – 2.56(Fell a fair bit towards the latter half of the week)
Bounce rate – 25.54%
Average Time on Site – 00:03:45(Implies people like reading through our rants! ;-) Was over 6 minutes for the first 3 days!)
New Visits – 68.35(Healthy balance between new and recursive visits)

(Click image for full sized view)

Visitors overview talks of the total unique visitors in the past week and how they panned out as the week progressed. The tiny map on the right shows where these visitors came from. The countries shaded green are where the visitors belonged to. Darker the shade of green, more the number of visitors and vice versa. We have had visits from India, US, Saudi Arabia, Australia, UK, France, Gabon among others.

(Click image for full sized view)

And finally the visitor breakup across India. Quite a map I must say for a site that’s just a week old. The NCR is the biggest contributor as is visible from the map. Test your geography skills by locating the rest of the locations. ;-) Good luck!

Thank you all for the interest you have shown in this site. As always its highly appreciated!

Imran Ali(IA)

ooh nice! Can I blog too?

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

That’s the query we have been receiving from a lot of users since we launched a few days back. Its an easy process but needs a bit of looking around to learn and get used to. No worries though. I just pulled up a quick video tutorial to help you with that. :D Have a look at it below!

How to add your entry to the Blog? from Imran Ali on Vimeo.

Excuses for the weird hiccups that you might find in the video. In my defense I would say I was probably suffering from stage fright. :P

Thanks a lot for viewing the video. Hope it helps clear up doubts that you might have had regarding the entire idea of blogging. And an even bigger thanks for logging into this website and passing suggestions on our efforts. Really appreciated!

Imran Ali

Lets Talk Technology

Friday, April 30th, 2010

My chance to talk geeky stuff, finally! :-) Ever since the inception of this idea(around September ’09) when me and Sharique brainstormed for endless nights on what all to include in the portal, I have silently worked on use cases for the various components.

This March we found Ankit. Or rather he found us. In essence two teams with the same motto got together to do what is the first for any engineering college across India! The team now boasts of 4 permanently posted guys i.e. me, Ankit, Deep and Sharique.(Will have the team page up soon for you guys to know more about us!)

So what is the plan? We are still working out the finer details but let me take this opportunity and brief you about the three primary components we have in the works. Also adding a brief paragraph on what all goals we plan to achieve with them.

The Main Faculty Website

JMI FET’s existence is limited to a few pages on the internet which is housed on the main JMI website. These pages are handled by FTK CIT, JMI. Technically speaking, we as FET guys are the guys who should be doing it. We are the ones who possess the technical competence as engineers to build our website(s). Handling a website being run by the faculty itself is a lot easier. Regular updates is what I mean by that.

JMI FET attracts a humungous number of applications from across India. FYI the number of forms sold by this faculty alone is 32.000+! And in today’s age of thriving virtual medium(s) of information it is our duty to portray our true self to our target audience. We have arguably the best faculty in the whole of Delhi Region(after IITD IMHO) and some amazing infrastructure(which gains a different dimension when you pay heed to the fact that unlike other competing colleges we are a part of an autonomous Central University). In short we are much much more than we are able to market.

The site will include exhaustive information about faculty members, admission procedure, infrastructure capabilities, course information, examination schedule and a lot more! Working on a comprehensive list which i will be publishing soon.

Community Portal

The first of the sub-domains. Shariq and Ankit’s words of ‘A college is just as good as its alumni and its alumni are as good as its alumni network’ are ringing in my head as I write this part of the article.

It will be a highly customizable social networking site. Personalized so that each and every one of you feels totally at home. The hope is to extensively network FET alumni using this portal.

Job Portal

Placements is the one place where we have not performed upto our potential to date. Umpteen reasons can be given for the same but that isn’t the intent of this blog post.

The portal hopes to list job openings for JMI applicants. To add value to their resumes, JMI students can pick up handsome internships, again listed by their alumni!

All in all, we have set off on a pretty exciting journey here. Its not going to be easy and we would want each and everyone of you to put you best foot forward and help us in our efforts. Its just as much your faculty and your college as it is ours. Let us all get together and make this college achieve its righteous position. Lets make JMI proud of us!

Take care until next time!
Imran Ali